Academic Excellence in an Intimate and Inclusive Jewish Community School
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Why Kehila Heschel Why Kehila Heschel

Why Kehila Heschel

How do the teachings of Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel impact our school?

Why are we called Hamilton Kehila Heschel?

There are many ways, here are some examples:

  1. The School is interdenominational. We look at what we have in common with all 4 movements and teach that.
  2. The School is traditional, inclusive and egalitarian.
  3. The School has a robust environmental focus and children are taught the Judaic principals regarding caring for the earth. Tending the Garden is a part of the Curriculum.
  4. The School views the Universal through a Jewish lens. Eg. What does Judaism teach us about our obligations to take care of others?
  5. The School teaches through an integrated approach while not forsaking the integrity of each particular subject. Integration involves
  • General and Jewish Studies
  • Interdisciplinary Integration
  • Arts Integration
  • Values/Ethics integration
  1. The School is very involved in Social Action projects that emanate from the Curriculum.