Academic Excellence in an Intimate and Inclusive Jewish Community School
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About Us

Imagine a school where children come knowing that they will be celebrated for their uniqueness and where they will come to a place knowing that the bricks and mortar are a shelter and a window to the outside world.

Imagine a school that embraces the diversity of the Jewish world and where students learn that mitzvoth are commandments and not just good deeds; that Tzedakah is not charity but justice; that it is the obligation of the Jewish people to help bring about Tikkun Olam, the repair of the world.

Imagine a school where your child feels safe, loved and part of a Kehila, a community; where teachers and staff go above and beyond expectations every day to teach qualities like respect, kindness and a love of learning.

You are imagining the Kehila Heschel School.

Kehila means “community” in Hebrew, and at our school, our students feel a part of their own Jewish community as well as the wider non-Jewish community around them.